We sincerely congratulate all of humanity in general and the Catholic Church in particular in electing you as Pope.

Holy Father Francis I

Holy Father Francis I


P.O.Box 2807, Anaheim, CA. 92814


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Anaheim, USA April 12, 2013

No: 0001-0412-VPTT/DGH-2013

Honorable Holy Father Francis I

00120 Vatican City, Italy, Europe

Dear Holy Father,

We sincerely congratulate all of humanity in general and the Catholic Church in particular in electing you as Pope.

We are even more delighted that the Holy Father is always an advocate for the poor and afflicted. Therefore, even though you had just posted, we do not hesitate to send this letter to you to continue the work that we have previously requested of former Pope Benedict. We again ask the Holy Father to intervene with the so-called "the Communist government of Vietnam", and demand the release of all activists for human rights, freedom, democracy, and territorial integrity of Vietnam in the spirit of non-violence.

So far, the so-called communist government of Vietnam, despite the intervention of former Pope Benedict, continues to violate the freedom of speech and freedom of religion on a suppressed people. The so-called "the Communist government of Vietnam" has imprisoned and arrested those who struggle for justice, human rights, freedom, democracy and the territorial integrity of Vietnam. These are violent, wicked and severe human rights violations.

Among those are:

1 - Father Thadeus NGUYEN Van Ly

2- Songwriter VO Minh Tri (VIET KHANG)

3- Pastor NGUYEN Cong Chinh

4- Pastor DUONG Kim Khai

5- Lawyer LÊ Quoc Quan

6- Religious rights activist NGUYEN Van Canh

7- Hoa Hao Buddhist activist NGUYEN Van Lia

8- Farmers' rights and Hoa Hao Buddhist activist TRAN Thi Thuy

9- Lawyer CU Huy Ha Vu

10- Lawyer LE Cong Dinh

11- Lawyer PHAN Thanh Hai (pen name ANH BA SAIGON)

12- Blogger TA Phong Tan

13- Land rights advocate CAO Van Tinh

14- Engineer NGUYEN Tien Trung

15- Engineer and Columnist TRAN Huynh Duy Thuc

16- Engineer LE Thang Long

17- Blogger NGUYEN Van Hai (pen name DIEU CAY)

18- Blogger LU Van Bay

19- Journalist NGUYEN Van Khuong

20- Writer HO Thi Bich Khuong

21- Famer VI Duc Hoi

22- Internet Writer NGUYEN Ba Dang

23- Land rights activist DUONG Au

24- Land rights activist NGUYEN Ngoc Cuong

25- Land rights petitioner PHAM Van Thong

26- Worker DOAN Huy Chuong

27- Worker NGUYEN Hoang Quoc Hung

28- Worker PHAM Thanh Nghien

29- Prominent legal activist PHUNG Lam

30- Former Officer of the People's Army TRAN Anh Kim

31- Member of the Vietnamese Party of Progress NGUYEN Phong

32- Members of the Vietnam Populist Party : PHAM Thi Ngoc Phuong

33- Members of the Vietnam Populist Party : PHUNG Quang Quyen

34- Innocent citizen LE Thi Kim Thu ....

and people under house arrest like the most Venerable THICH Quang Do, Dr NGUYEN Dan Que,


All these people are now under house arrest or imprisoned, continue to live in extremely difficult conditions (lack of care, almost no food, medicine ...)

The reason that the Vietnamese Communist authorities jailed them is because they demanded freedom to practice religion, freedom of speech and freedom of thought, expression of political views and protect the territorial integritymoderate in the spirit of non-violence.

In addition to the suppression of the democracy, the so-called “Vietnamese Communist Government” also increased persecution of religion through the expropriation of land, the establishment of Catholic, Buddhist, Hoa Hao, Cao Dai and destruction of the Holy Cross Catholic. Events increased the “Lang Mai” Plum Village, Catholics, Buddhists, gospel, are prohibited by religion and brutally beaten by inhuman Vietnamese Communist police. This is concrete proof that the freedom threshold of religion is violated drastically in Vietnam.

The so-called “Vietnamese Communist Government” totalitarian party rule, corruption, abuse of power, violence, police, staging, force, torture and intimidation. This regime is clearly contrary to the interests of the country and people of Vietnam and defiance of international law.

World Community, United Nations, European Union, politicians, organizations defending human rights, religious freedom, the embassies of democracies, media agencies, Vietnamese domestic and foreign, are increasingly concerned about the situation of flagrant violations of human rights and religious persecution by the Vietnamese Communists: Dictatorship, party politics, corruption, abuse of power, violence, police, staging, force, tricks, and horrible tortures on innocent people. The situation is cruel and is similar to that in Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union.

In order to prevent all acts of repression, abuse, violation of human rights and religious freedom, we appeal to the Holy Father to address the Vietnamese Communist authorities to respect and implement radical Vietnam and International Law:

- The so-called “communist government of Vietnam” must be in compliance with the Charter of the United Nations ;

- Respect for human rights, freedom, democracy, and organize multi-party general election: candidates, free elections with international supervision;

- Free immediately and unconditionally all innocents who struggle for human rights, including political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, since their detention is a serious violation of human rights provisions of Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights, the Convention that the communist government of Vietnam has signed

(Note: These rights are also outlined in the Constitution of the Communist authorities Vietnam).

If the Vietnam Communist Party and the so-called “Vietnam communist government” remains stubborn and continues to disregard the warnings of the Vatican, after many encounters between the Pope Benedict and the Communist leaders, international public opinion is that intelligence within the Viet Cong (Vietnam Communist) in the Vatican. As an example, Archbishop to Hanoi Joseph Ngo Quang Kiet was a defender of peace and justice and a staunch anti-communist was forced to resign while Pope Benedict was on a Holy Land pilgrimage tours International Fatima in Portugal dated May 13th 2010.

Therefore, we would be very grateful to the Holy Father, a spiritual leader that we always respect, if for any reason that can not help us with the dissolution of the communist regime in Vietnam moderate in the spirit of non-violence, please help the Vietnamese people by:

1 / Official public prayer meeting with the participation of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam to comfort, bless the victims that were killed by the Viet Cong, or those who are generally imprisoned;

2 / Directly help the poor families with food, oblong tiles, clothing, delivered in person by the Embassy, non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, Buddhist, Catholic, healthy, Cao Dai, Hoa Hao ..., absolutely should not mediated by the central or local governments of the Vietnamese Communist government to prevent corruption;

3 / Holy Father grant an audience with the Prime Minister of Provitional National Government of Vietnam who is designated by three generations of Vietnam in 1990 and has three official U.S. presidents contacts, integrity, after Vatican you have for the Vietnamese communist authorities have too many opportunities to see them, including Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong is not the head of the so-called “Vietnam Communist Government”.  

We strongly believe in sympathy and charity, the Holy Father does not reject all social classes, religious politics. Everyone should be equal, fair and responsible before history, and conscience Court Justice. Respectfully ask you to accept this place respects our deep appreciation.


Provisional National Government of Vietnam

Đào Minh Quân

 (Singed & Seal)


-       Copies of this letter have beensent to true leaders worldwide, all media agencies, newspapers, voluntary agencies, non-profit and the Vietnamese people.

-       A copy of this letter is also on file at the Provisional National Government of Vietnam.


le van ut

19.07.2015 17:47

Can co Nhan quyen tai VietNam,hien nay..
con nuoi phai duoc moi tu do tren moi phuong dien.
Can tra lai tu do cho nhung nguoi noi tren..

Nguyen van Luan

24.05.2015 10:09

Official Letters must be checked to avoid any grammatical or typing mistakes....this is a proof of respect to receivers...
For example: (Signed & Seal) .Copies of this letter have been sent (1 space)

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