Imperial Duke Holy Tran Quoc Tuan (Đức Quốc Công Tiết Chế Nhân Vũ Hưng Đạo Đại Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn), born in 1231 in Kiep Bac (Kiếp Bạc) village, Hung Dao (Hưng Đạo) commune, Chi Linh (Chí Linh) district, Hai Duong (Hải Dương) province, with the nickname Truc Lam (Trúc Lâm), the Royal Family of Dai Viet (Đại Việt) in Tran Dynasty. In the hearts of the Vietnamese people, he is a Heavenly General who obeyed God's orders to come down to earth to carry out the mission of protecting the country and the people for the Tran Dynasty and the whole of Dai Viet. Through his glorious three-time victory over the Mongol Yuan army from the North, he left behind countless sacred anecdotes, the Vietnamese nation's elation, glory, and pride. Since then, his name has been lovingly and reverently called: HOLY TRAN.

He was the grandson of Supreme Emperor Tran Thai To (Thái Thượng Hoàng Trần Thái Tổ); the nephew of King Tran Thai Tong (Trần Thái Tông); son of the Peaceful king Tran Lieu (Trần Liễu), the uncle as well as father-in-law of King Tran Nhan Tong (Trần Nhân Tông). He devoted his life to supporting the four Kings of the Tran Dynasty, making significant contributions the three times to repel the Chinese invaders from Vietnam and defend the country, secure the people, and create and protect the cause of the Tran dynasty. He left behind many Works on the military, political, literary ... most significantly, there are two sets of books of the great value passed down to posterity, including Military Briefing Books (Binh Thư Yếu Lược) - in 4 volumes and Van Kiep Confidential Books (Vạn Kiếp Tông Bí Truyền Thư) including two (2) volumes: the Upper book teaches military operations, economics, military maneuvers, exercises and physiognomy; the Lower book teaches horoscopes, feng shui, military mechanics, strategy, general control, defend the country, township, and serving people. Many people have received his teachings from the Brief Military book and the Upper Van Kiep Confidential Book. However, the Lower volume of Van Kiep, only his descendants can possess and receive.

In 1300, after retiring in Van Kiep, he died of old-aged disease. Before leaving the world, he arranged for his family to flee to avoid the court's eyes and the pursuit of the enemies of the North. In the 14th century, the Patriarch Tran Thuong (Trần Thượng), the main branch of the Holy Imperial Duke Tran, made the merit of establishing Truc Lam village in Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. Because it was necessary to recruit more workers and farmers from outside to go into the village, he changed the surname from TRAN to DAO. According to Ancestors advice, he did not allow his children to study, not  taking exams, to protect the safety of the clan's origin. The lineage of the Patriarch Tran Thuong passed down to Long Live Man Dao Khuong (Đào Khương), who lived to 103 years old when the Vietnamese Communists shelled Truc Lam village on Lunar New Year in 1968 (Tết Mậu Thân), killing him. Long Live Man Dao Khuong had eight (8) sons who were very handsome, rugged, stronger than ordinary people, good at farming and ploughing, so the villagers called Eight Fairies (Bát Tiên). One of the Eight Fairies, Mr. Dao The, had to leave the village to study temporarily, and passed exams, becoming Mr. One, one of the first paratroopers' officers of the Vietnamese National Army, the Chief Commander of Khai Dong (Khái Đông), Hoa Phat, Hoa Tuong, Hoa Khanh, Hoa Vang (Hòa Phát, Hòa Tường, Hòa Khánh, Hòa Vang) district, and the Paracel Islands. The third son of Mr. Dao The is PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, whom the compatriots and the Constitution of the Third Republic of Vietnam have honored as the IMPERIAL DUKE.

In addition, Vietnamese people always remember the First Grand Duke Nguyen Trai, who, after helping King Le Thai To (Lê Lợi) to drive out the Ming army, he retired to Lychee Garden (Lệ Chi Viên). Grand Duke Nguyen Trai was the author of the national book Great Proclamation upon the Pacification of the Wu (Bình Ngô Đại Cáo). The most crucial factor in creating the victory for the Lam Son uprising, establishing the Late Le dynasty with the element of the country's position - the hearts of the people: "To ensure peace for the people, such as the essence of humanity and justice. To eliminate violence, such as the primary aim of our soldiers." He was the general who introduced the strategy and method of Vietnam's first Political Warfare by using grease written on the leaves of trees to create the word "Le Loi is the King, Nguyen Trai is the General" to win the hearts of people and defeat the enemy's mentality, thus helping King Le Thai To to defeat the Ming army from invading our country and rebuild the Vietnamese nation's fortunes. When King Le Thai Tong visited the former General Nguyen Trai and suddenly died, leading to the Lychee Garden case in 1442, causing the three generations of Nguyen Trai to suffer unjust deaths. Nguyen Trai's fourth wife, Mrs. Pham Thi Man, was pregnant with a drop of Nguyen Trai's blood at that time, escaped to Thanh Hoa and gave birth to a boy child, and has passed down to the 18th generation of Nguyen Trai, who was Duke Nguyen Huu Bai (Phước Môn Quận Công Nguyễn Hữu Bài) born in 1863. He was a man of integrity, famous for his phrase "Exile the King without Kha, dig the King's grave without Bai", talking about the two loyal Officials of the Nguyen Dynasty who would rather lose their positions and lives than to follow the French's orders to betray their Kings. The first was Mr. Ngo Dinh Kha (Ngô Đình Khả), the father of the late President Ngo Dinh Diem (Ngô Đình Diệm), who did not agree to sign the sentence of the exile of King Thanh Thai (Thành Thái); The second person, Nguyen Huu Bai, refused to sign the sentence of digging the tomb of King Tu Duc (Tự Đức). Their patriotism loyal reputation continues to this day. Mr. Nguyen Huu Bai had a cousin, Mr. Nguyen Van Than (Nguyễn Văn Thân), a famous railway engineer, who was instrumental in establishing the North-South railway and the Highway from Saigon (Sài Gòn) to Phnom Penh that the whole country is using. Mr. Nguyen Van Than had a third son, Doctor Nguyen Van Man (Nguyễn Văn Mẫn), who is the godson of the late President Ngo Dinh Diem, the only Vietnamese to be the valedictorian in surgery at the Sorbonne Medical University-France, and also the only Vietnamese to receive the honor of being the Director of this most famous French Sorbonne hospital. The eldest daughter of Mr. Nguyen Van Than is Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh (Nguyễn Thị Hạnh), self-proclaimed Hanh Nguyen (Hạnh Nguyên), the owner of the Hanh Nguyen Lacquerware Union, the most famous female businesswoman in the lacquer industry in the South. Who had pioneered in rebuilding the lacquer industry and reclamation of plantations, exploiting in the cultivation of sumac in Lam Dong (Lâm Đồng) to replace the type of Thai lacquer used by the whole country today, she is the mother of IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN.

Mr. Dao Minh Quan is a descendant of two famous royal and loyalist clans of Vietnam. He was born in 1952 in Thi Nghe (Thị Nghè) village, Gia Dinh (Gia Định) province. According to the Astrologist Nhan Quang (Nhân Quang) and Astrologic Astronomical Method of Truc Lam geography based on the date of birth of Imperial Duke Dao Minh Quan, he was born at the time of the Zodiac, the day, month and the year of the Dragon. It is an inheritance of an authentic life of the FOUR DRAGONS - THE GREAT FLOOD (TỨ LONG ĐẠI HỒNG THỦY). This happens to only one person in 600 years. It is a zodiac sign and Horoscope, and the stars surround that by the stars: Right & Left Assistants (Tả Phù Hữu Bật), Blessing Star (Thiên Lương), Minister Star (Thiên Tướng), Celestial Life (Thiên Thọ), Power Star (Thất Sát), Tycoon (Tướng Quân), Fortune (Hóa Lộc), Seigneur (Hóa Quyền). According to the Horoscope, such a person is kind and gentle and escapes from all calamities. Those who go by His side are affected by this blessing. This is the destiny of the Real Emperor, a gentle and virtuous King who saves Vietnam and is the richest man in the world.

Eight hundred (800) years after the death of Holy Tran, Heavenly blessing has gathered enough for the Son of God to once again come to earth, bringing peace and happiness to the Vietnamese people and directing humanity to worldly peace. It is the direct descendant of Holy Tran, Mr. Dao Minh Quan, Imperial Duke, the Third President of the Republic of Vietnam. Furthermore, this event was prophesied and handed down from the Thunder Book - Heavenly Letter, 500 years ago:

The evil power will be disbanded

The DAO flag will then march jollity

MINH QUAN is the name written on it

Borrowing the destiny to reincarnate from the Three Realms.

Who were the previous Stars from Heavens?

This life will receive the light to be enlightened …

IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN has the world-class talent to govern the state and help humanity, including politics, military, civil and business. He is the only person who owns and has been taught about the Lower Van Kiep Secret Book, applying tactics to defeat the communists, as evidenced by the long journey written in the blood and sweat of the Vietnamese people, who accompanied him throughout 53 years ago can be verified at any time that it is true. He won the hearts of the people through his life of dedication to his people. Wherever he went, he left a mark of peace and humanity. Because He followed theistically, he is loved and protected by heaven and earth and lives in the hearts of people, not only Vietnamese people but also the international community. He advocated a long-term national policy in the way of mind and heart, using justice, love and truth to save the country - pacify the world, Regain Ancestral Land - End Populace Suffering. This is the path of peace that any country leader would want to walk alongside, and every citizen would wish to live in His Kingdom.

He is the Leader who wins the heart of God and the people that Vietnam has been fortunate to have. Vietnam is filled with blessings and luck!


Tòa Án Môi Trường Quốc Tế đã phán quyết Tổng Thống Đào Minh Quân thắng kiện 38 ngàn tỷ


Jun 25, 2021, 12:25:08 PM 

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California, U.S. Hexagon Monument -The Memorial Works of 58,721 American comrades who sacrificed their lives for Vietnam, built by IMPERIAL DUKE ĐÀO Minh Quân, the Third President of the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) and his comrades since 2020, which has recently been completed.

IMPERIAL DUKE ĐÀO Minh Quân is always indebted to the Government and people of the United States and the Allies, especially the US, for helping Vietnam throughout the history of Vietnam's resistant war, for their sacrifice in Vietnam, and for having carried Vietnamese refugees in their own countries since the evacuation of the RVN on April 30, 1975, to the present day.

With own hands and sincere hearts, he and his comrades completed a memorial construction at TỤ NGHĨA ĐƯỜNG, 10800 Sierra Road, Adelanto, CA, 92301, to pay tribute to the 58,721 American soldiers, His comrades who laid down their lives in the battle to defend South Vietnam. 

The Hexagon Monument, consisting of 6 tall and wide black walls, each wall has two sides, is supported by two pillars of marble, forming a hexagon, with 12 wall sides engraved with the names of 58,721 American Comrades-in-Arms who sacrificed their lives for Vietnam. It is built on a green cement base with a white hexagonal star in the middle, along with lightings capable of emitting a glow of 5 to 10 km, enough for people from a distance or an aircraft flying around the area to notice. 

The sacrifices and losses of the United States and the allies for 10 years from 1965 to 1975 in Vietnam to protect South Vietnam from the invasion of the North Vietnamese Communists were uncountable. The monument was built on behalf of the Vietnamese compatriots by IMPERIAL DUKE ĐÀO Minh Quân, the Third President of the RVN, who used to be a Lieutenant, Commander of the Black Tiger Special Forces in Đông Hà, Quảng Trị, in the tactical zone I, from 1972 to 1975. The ARVN soldiers who have never been discharged and their descendants are continuing to serve in the RVN, the Third. Together with government officials, who are Vietnamese patriots worldwide, having used their strength, with love and gratitude to build this construction, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles of the desert sun and wind. This completed work is to express their gratitude and honor to the American patriots. 

It is also the first Hexagon Monument built by the Third President of the RVN and his comrades, expressing the enduring friendship between the two countries of the United States and Vietnam.

The Hexagon Monument will be a great reunion place for Vietnamese and American patriots, veterans, compatriots of the allies to visit, experience and touch each stone carved in the names of heroes. At the same time to offer gratitude and respect to the heroic 58,721 US comrades-in-arms who laid down their lives for peace, independence, and freedom of Vietnam.


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A Man That Lives for the World, Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân

by Steve Huetson June 4, 2021

Generosity, kindness, compassion, and love for others; are traits that are slowly dying among people. In this fast-paced world where everything changes within a matter of a few hours, people are forced to think for themselves first. This is one of the major reasons why the basic feelings of love and care for others are vanishing. Today, the only being they care about is themselves. If things continue to be as they are, the future can turn out to be dark and harsh. Fortunately, not everybody thinks the same way. The ones who think for the betterment of the community are still present, and one of these individuals is Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân.

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân is an ethnic Vietnamese, a U.S. citizen, and symbolically a citizen of the free World. He was voted and elected by the three generations, including Seniors, Middle-Aged, and Youths to undertake as the Prime Minister of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam on February 16, 1991. His purpose to step into Vietnamese politics was to liberate his country from the confines of communism. He is one of those individuals who have faced the adversities of life but still stands strong.  Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân’s passion for serving his people and being closely-knit to Vietnam can be seen in all his efforts. As a patriot and a people person, he loves his compatriots endlessly, and he wishes for his country to soar high between the clouds of success.

Fueled by patriotism and emotional connection with his roots from an early age, Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân joined the Vietnamese military. He served the community for a short while until Southern Vietnam was forcefully occupied by the communist group. Imperial Duke Đào and other militants were arrested and stayed in the communist prison camps for more than three years. Many of his colleagues and close friends died, but he managed to flee from the camp and shifted to the States with his family. Since then, he has been deeply attached to the Vietnamese military and those who spent and gave up their lives serving the country.

A True Patriot at Heart

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân always felt indebted to the Government and people of the United States and the Allies. He was grateful especially to the U.S. for helping Vietnam throughout the history of its resistant war and for their sacrifice in Vietnam. He is also grateful for them having carried Vietnamese refugees in their own countries from the evacuation of the RVN on April 30, 1975, to the present day. 

The United States and the allies gave uncountable sacrifices for Vietnam for eight years. From 1965 to 1973, the U.S. military protected South Vietnam from the invasion of the North Vietnamese Communists. To pay a tribute and thank them for the services, Imperial Duke President Đào and his comrades with their own hands and sincere hearts completed a memorial construction for “HEXAGON MONUMENT” at their compound headquarters (Tụ Nghĩa Đường).

The Hexagon Monument -The Memorial Works of 58,721 American Soldiers, including his comrades who sacrificed their lives for Vietnam has recently been completed.

The monument consists of 6 tall and wide black walls; each wall has two sides. It is supported by two pillars of marble, forming a hexagon, with a total of 12 wall sides engraved with the names of 58,721 American Comrades-in-Arms. It is built on a green cement base with a white hexagonal star at the center. It also has lighting capable of emitting a glow of 5 to 10 km, enough for people from a distance or from an aircraft flying around the area to notice.

This tributary monument was built on behalf of the Vietnamese compatriots by Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân, who was a former Lieutenant Commander of the Black Tiger Special Forces. Together with government officials, who are Vietnamese patriots all over the World, they have used their strength, combined with love and gratitude, to build this construction. They overcame all difficulties and obstacles of the desert sun and wind and completed work to express their gratitude and honor to the American patriots.

By building this monument, Imperial Duke Đào Minh Quân, Third President of the Republic of Vietnam and His comrades have expressed the enduring friendship between the U.S. and Vietnam. This would also be a great reunion place for Vietnamese and American patriots, veterans, compatriots of the allies. To visit the Hexagon to experience and touch each stone carved in the names of heroes would truly be an emotional experience. They would also offer gratitude and respect to the heroic 58,721 US comrades-in-arms who laid down their lives for peace, independence, and freedom of Vietnam.

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân’s love and empathy for people show a lot about his personality, determination and intentions. Although he has been portrayed negatively in the media, his silent actions speak louder than words. He is truly an inspirational personality.

The Warmth Heart Letter From The President

Adelanto, California May 18, 2021 (  - PRESIDENT 




                      PO Box 2807, Anaheim, CA. 92814

 On March 20, 2021

Dear Compatriots, Brothers, Sisters, Nephews, and Nieces!

Today, on the anniversary of President Ronald Regan speaking to the Association of "Youth in the United States" for the first time as President of the United States in 1981, it is also the day that President Donald Trump came to Vietnam after his first term. We wish sincere greetings to all dear people in our homeland, especially the youth who face many difficulties and challenges every day and around.

Life is not as pleasant and smooth as we dream, as when protected and cherished in the loving arms of grandparents and parents, it was even more difficult under the Communist regime. We feel guilty that we never prepared for our brothers and sisters about their psychology and how to cope with uncertainties, ever since we accepted the Mission as the President of the Republic of Vietnam, the Third.

But this letter is from my heart, hoping that everyone will get a chance to read it because I don't want what I experienced, the pain or the unhappiness which happened to me, to recur to you, even though you are more resilient and have a braver will.

The measure of human success or worth is not materiality or fame. It is the belief, hope, patience and the will to overcome, which is the framework for honoring each person's dignity. You can listen to my advice, learn from others, from stories you have heard, or learn from books, newspapers, friends, and relatives. But all are not exemplary. Only when you yourself go through it, it's yours. People grow up or mature by the experience and the capability to confront difficulties, not by the theory or others' experience. The world has millions and billions of living beings, yet everyone is important; everyone has a unique position. Even when you are disappointed, please always think about your dreams boldly, confidently, calmly and steadily. Do not self-torment, remorse, or regret about what has passed. Everyone has success and failure; success brings you more confidence. The stumbling is just an experience. It would be best if you stepped forward bravely. No one can evaluate his past as the true worth of his life. The statements you make without giving it a thought can be misunderstood, just follow the way you are confident, follow the path you are determined and think that it is correct, even though no one has done it yet.

Remember that happiness is a feeling at every stage of your life, not just the moment you get to your destination. Any time is also our best starting point, and don't hesitate to apologize or thank and forgive. Life is like a climbing journey; no need to look back too long to what you have passed or failed. Always look forward! When you reach the top, you will feel the whole sky. And do not forget that sincere feeling is always the most significant source of encouragement. Never expect everyone to understand you, and do not attribute it to fate. If you fall, try your best to stand up. All that you go through is your life capital. Please live sincerely to your emotions and do not forget the simple things, the lovely places that you have attached to your childhood, beautiful memories, your childhood best friends, sounds, voices, the music ... made you emotional, calm, sometimes heartbreaking. But it will help you to overcome difficulties with your own feet, hands, and wisdom.

Every day is a new day with the best and most unexpected things to come with your efforts. Live, sincerely and honestly. What has passed in life is valuable. Nothing lost without bringing something new or more rewarding. If we have not found it yet, please be quiet, think deeply, to realize. What you give from the heart will return to you from the heart. Not only a wish or a dream but an act.

Life always has the law of cause and effect. It will always be fair, first, and later for everyone. We are the masters of ourselves. It is we who understand who we are. What can be done should be done, without pessimism, because it does not help anything more. Be optimistic and confident. We are theists; remember to pray and believe in the miracles. The miracle of upper spiritual strength will come to those who are sincere.

A new, happy day is coming. My heart is always on Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, and Nephews.

Sincerely and love


Practicing Righteousness, Introducing Đào Minh Quân

April 28, 2021
by Caroline Smith

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

President Đào Minh Quân inaugurated on November 11th, 2018 at 11:11 AM, in Adelanto, California, US.
Photo Credit: Đào Minh Quân
It is said that people come into this world with a purpose, some with a smaller one and some for greater causes. But these purposes need to be identified by the person at the right time so that they can take appropriate actions to fulfill them.
People need the right path, but the right path also needs people.
Agreeing with the quote, not all people are meant to achieve greater things in life. Dedication, passion, diligence, hard work, and fearlessness are required by a person to obtain all they have dreamt of, especially a higher purpose. Sir Đào Minh Quân, the President and the Grand Duke of the Third Republic of Vietnam, is one of those prime personalities. He listened to his true calling at the right time and has successfully achieved a noble cause.

The Right Man
Hard ships test people in their most vulnerable states. Some come out strong, whereas others give up under pressure. But the ones who put on a brave face and handle all the tough times are the real heroes. These lion-hearted people have the potential to achieve anything they are determined of and do anything they have set their focus on. Such is the case of President Đào Minh Quân.
President Đào Minh Quân’s work has been recently covered by different news platforms, online and on TV, negatively. His cause of liberating Vietnam and making it a democratic country has been brought him under a bad impression. Growing up in a democratic country, the United States of America, Quânalways was close to his roots. Although away from his country, he kept himself updated on all the news and happenings in Vietnam.
As he lived a liberal life in the States, he wished that his country’s people experienced the same too. This was a burning desire in his heart that he could not extinguish. He was so driven by the cause to bring happiness to his country’s people that he joined various Vietnamese patriotic organizations. Sir Đào Minh Quânwas endowed with intelligence, every move and action of his resulted in success. From business and to active participation in political campaigns and movements, he was acing throughout.
Soon Sir Đào Minh Quân became a prominent person in the Vietnamese community and in the United States business community. As he frequently traveled to different countries, like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, among others, he had the opportunity to interact with many business and international politicians and influential personalities. America recognized him for his merit in serving the community. He was invited to Host Committee for the Republican Party in 1990, a rare position. Since his intentions were clear and pure, he was recognized by politicians globally for his heart, desire, and intention to dissolve communism and save Vietnam.
Everything good comes at a price; one can never achieve something until they sacrifice something of equal value. Similarly, Sir Đào Minh Quân had to sacrifice his peace to brighten the lives of the people of his country. His efforts to liberate Vietnam were signified as terrorist activities by the national and international media alike. He was labeled as a man who incited terrorism and distorted the undertakings of the policies of Vietnam. But he did not let these rumors overwhelm him. Sir Đào Minh Quân is a man of vision. The goal of setting his country free from the realms of the government had long been set, and he was on the right path to make it come true. He kept moving forward with a high spirit which has resulted in the position he has gained today. At present, there is no other Vietnamese politician with such remarkable international influence.

Slow and Steady Always Wins the Race
Photo Credit: Đào Minh Quân
Sir Đào Minh Quân’s progress was slow but steady. Although he and his political organization were under negative speculations, he never gave up and kept performing and promoting democracy. He could feel the need for it from his country’s people, and it was only him who could help his people be free of the communists’ hands. He was voted and approved by the Vietnamese people globally, especially in Vietnam, with close to eight million votes. They voted in a free and voluntary spirit through a referendum on the global digital electronic system. They supported and empowered the Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân, as the 3rd President of the Republic of Vietnam. He represented the entire Vietnamese population to lead the country and dissolve the Vietnamese Communist Party in Vietnam. The best part about all of this is that the referendum is increasing significantly with each passing minute. So, after much hard work, sleepless nights, and restless days, he was accepted and inaugurated on November 11th, 2018 in Adelanto, California.
As an extraordinary politician, he taught people to not worry about material things but practice spirituality as Vietnam is rich with treasure and resources. He says, “If you are rich without cultivating, even if your property is big as a mountain, that will not bring you any merits.” He has also instructed government officials to bring proper morals to serve the people and not govern them. He believes to be spiritually and morally healthy.

All About President Đào Minh Quân
Sir Đào Minh Quân was born on September 16th, 1952, in Thi Nghe village in the province of Gia Dinh in Southern Vietnam. Just like Đào, his family did not support the idea of communism too. So, they moved to Los Angeles in 1980. He completed his studies at the Santiago Community College in Orange, California. He studied computer programming, Computer / IBM compatible, and graduated in just 3.5 months. During this time he worked on the Bios (Basic I/O System), which is a part of the brain of the computer, and founded “Clone Master Inc. and Đào Computer Inc.”
Before entering politics, he worked at the System Group as a computer programmer. Then at Measurement and System Control Inc. as an engineer, and finally at Advanced Digital Corp. as the Technical Manager. His political involvement started in 1971 when he first joined the military, and since then, it has been a journey uphill. He laid the foundation of his political party ‘Republic of Vietnam, The Third’ on November 11th, 2018. Although he was under speculations by the media, who portrayed him negatively, he never deviated from his aim and is still working to free Vietnam from the chains of communism.


Oklahoma, USA: The INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COURT in the United States gave the judgment for case number ENC201215 that the Provisional National Government of Vietnam – Republic of Vietnam the Third (PNGVN – 3rd RVN) won with the amount of 38 trillion US dollars against Communist China and the Vietnamese Communist Party. The judgment also stated that if the settlement cannot be satisfied with currency, then the PNGVN – 3rd RVN led by IMPERIAL DUKE, QUAN MINH DAO, the Third President of RVN has the right to cease all the properties and investments around the world that belong to both Communist Parties China and Vietnam. According to IMPERIAL DUKE, the collection will be distributed to all the Vietnamese people.

Recently, on April 21, 2021, the Staff Office of the PNGVN – 3rd RVN, by the order of the PRESIDENT QUAN MINH DAO, issued a policy of leniency, calling for national unity to protect the Fatherland, leading the country to move forward, fast and Firm in the international arena. It stated:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Soldiers, Policemen who are serving the communist regime, please pay close attention below:


“In the past, we were soldiers like you, brothers and sisters. If we encountered each other on the battlefield, the guns on both sides would certainly have no eyes but only execute the orders, and unhesitatingly to advance to the target. However, we have no hostile feelings”.

 Therefore, He is very sympathetic to your inside dreams. Except for the wicked leaders who took privileges and particular advantages, what will life be for millions of party members, police and active soldiers if they discharged from military service? The majority of people will have to face poverty and harassed by evil official mobsters.

After 46 years of ruling, the Vietnamese communist was uncovered the mask that they are just a gang of corrupting, factionalizing, stealing, robbing, sharing and enjoying on the sweat and blood of the people. They even brutally murdered their “Comrades” who sacrificed their bones and blood to fight for their enjoyment today as in the case of Lê Đình Kình’s family massacre is an obvious example.

The so-called “State” of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at present, which led by the idiot and bogey, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, who is just a bunch of illegal, NOT BEING VOTED BY THE PEOPLE.

The oligarchs of the Vietnamese Communist Party are bowing their heads, shutting their mouths to let the Chinese Communist Party arrest and kill the Vietnamese people, bring poisonous food into our country, and increase the pressure to take our land and territory, islands and rivers slowly. The oligarchs of the Vietnamese Communist Party are incapable and shameless to accept COWARD WITH THE CHINESE ENEMY AND WICKED WITH THE VIETNAMESE PEOPLE. They are submitting to be controlled by Communist China to turn our civilized thousand-year-old country into a society of corrupt, microbial nest of the era, producing immoral, malignant violent people who no longer have the moral principles of our ancestors.

Therefore, we must work together to save the country, REGAIN ANCESTRAL LANDS – END POPULACE SUFFERING. We believe that it is an ideal, a shared duty of those who have the ambitions to serve their homeland and care for their future, their family and their descendants. We are the same root, and we want our country to be peaceful, sovereign, people happy and prosperous, not to be slaves to Russia, China or be subordinated by any country in the world. We can all let go of the past, together with all the people to hold hands, to unite, to dissolve the evil power of the communist government, to rebuild our homeland, and to make the name of Vietnam to be great again across the four seas and five continents.

The statement ends with the message of IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT QUAN MINH DAO:

“To the Great Heroes of New Democracy!

To, Vietnamese Sibling Brothers and Sisters!

We, formed by the Ethnic, for the People to fight.

This standing up will transmit until forever, forever and ever.

For the fertile of the land, the agglomeration of Vietnamese Essence.

It is the pride, the legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Essence and Soul are always with the Mountain and River.

Live, must be imposing! Die, must be proud, indomitable and heroic.”


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Contact: HUE LAM

1 587-436-9908

Đào Minh Quân, the Founder of Neo-Doctrine Democracy

By Vishnu Chaudhari

May 8, 2021

The debate of democracy versus communism is an old one. It has been under the spotlight since the time Russia adopted it constitutionally. Although both of the ideologies have their own plus points, there is one that is largely practiced by countries all over the world and is considered the better of the two by many – democracy.
In today’s day and age, democracy is considered the best form of government because it provides equal opportunities to all, without any discrimination. It frees a country from the comparison of the rich and the poor, unhealthy and healthy, successful and unsuccessful, and so on. Each person is capable of voicing their opinions and thoughts without hesitation and fear. On the other hand, communism practices things in a different manner. It focuses on a central management system and negates all the concepts of private properties, religions, and has a dictatorship government strategy. While the majority of the world’s countries practice democracy, China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam are the only ones following a communist government. As the world has evolved with time, the people living in these four countries have started to realize the true potential of a democratic government. But only a few of them are courageously raising their voice against it, and one of them is Sir Đào Minh Quân. He belongs to Vietnam, which has realized the real damage caused by communism to his country.

Passionate to Bring A Change
Mr. Dao Minh Quan, a son of the Vietnamese Nation of thousands of years of civilization, is a genuine man, filial son, faithful husband, exemplary father, and a sincere friend. As a soldier, he was heroic with a resilient strategy. He patiently sacrificed himself for the country’s people. His life showed every page of transparency in Vietnamese history and is clearly depicted in the Third R.V.N Constitution.
President Dao Minh Quan’s alias name is Đào Văn. He was born on September 16, 1952, in Thị Nghè village, Gia Định province. His father is Mr. Đào Thế, a native of Trúc Lâm village (deceased) and his Mother is Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hạnh, from Phủ Cam village (deceased). More importantly, he is the Descendent of Grand Prince Hưng Đạo, a Vietnamese Royal Prince, statesman, and military commander. President Đào Minh Quân is the hope of change for the people of Vietnam. Being in a communist country since April 30, 1975, the people of Vietnam are now facing severe issues adjusting with people in foreign countries. Governed under a dictatorial government all their lives, the citizens feel alienated when interacting with people from other countries. Sir Đào Minh Quân joined various Vietnamese patriotic organizations to fulfill his dream of freeing his country from the chains of communism. In 1987, Sir Đào Minh Quân founded the Vietnam New Democratic Movement. After the Vietnamese New Democracy Party’s original structural system became the New Humanism, he began meeting and motivating reputable politicians. He also met seniors for their opinion to assemble a Grand Conference of Compatriots. This conference would express their determination for unity and unison in the policy of nationalism. It would also stress upon having sufficient stature in announcing the Compatriots Resolution. This resolution would display the Compatriot’s power to dissolve the regimes set up by Vietnam communists without the need to execute a bloody revolution.

From 1967 to 1968, he attended the Phan Thanh Gian (secondary school level I). Although he was only 16 years old, he used his older brother’s birth certificate to enroll in the army and took part in the commando course at Son Tra /Non-Nuoc camp. He then went on to assist Mr. Robert D. Ohman, the journalist. He then became the First Lieutenant of the 122nd Battalion, serving at the Command Post of Quảng Trị subregion, the frontier area, and stationed at Bo Ben Bridge. Sir Đào Minh Quân was later promoted as a Lieutenant Commander of a Special Task Forces Unit called ‘Black Tiger,’ with the slogan “Go silent and return without words” to hunt the oligarchs.
With deep gratitude from the US Government, the Americans, and the Warriors, the President of Vietnam, Đào Minh Quân, and the Descendants of the Republic of Vietnam built the Hexagon Wall Monument. The monument was built by themselves from their heart and soul. They built it to commemorate, honor, and pay tribute to 58,721 warriors of the US Allies. These allies had sacrificed themselves to defend and protect the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War. The wall was completed in 2020.
Striving to bring a change, Sir Đào Minh Quân never shied away from struggling. He faced all the hardships and challenging times. He was also imprisoned for more than three years in communist prison camps. Sir Đào escaped it and then moved to the States. As Sir Đào Minh Quân’s family was not fond of the communist governmental system, they moved to the States on August 14, 1980, and chose Los Angeles as their humble abode.
Although away from his homeland, Sir Đào Minh Quân never abandoned his roots. He was constantly clouded by the thoughts of the citizens of Vietnam. Living in a nation with no restrictions and complete freedom, Sir Đào Minh Quân wished the same for his fellow citizens too.

Đào’s Ventures in America
Living in the States, Sir Đào Minh Quân graduated as an Information technology specialist and was invited by Measurement System and Controls firm to be an engineer. He studied Computer / I.B.M. Compatible. During this time, he worked on the Bios (Basic I/O System) and founded ‘Clone Master Inc.’ In 1983-1984, he experimented with manufacturing a computer called ‘Dao Computer’ that was inexpensive, but the speed was almost twice as fast as the I.B.M. computer, called ‘IBM CLONE.’ This led him to the foundation of ‘Dao Computer Inc.’ to manufacture the ‘Dao Computer.’
Sir Đào was also the head of the trade magazine Vietnam Business Magazine, President of the international trading company ‘Pacific Trading and Consulting,’ and the owner of ‘Teletech Paging’ and ‘Magic Talk.’ In 1989, he submitted the draft of the ‘National Citizens Resolution’ to Philosopher Lương Kim Định, Chairman of the National Seniors’ Council, who also signed a letter of authorization for him to be in charge of ‘Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Council.’

Recognition for his Services
As a talented individual, Sir Đào Minh Quân was voted and elected by three generations, including seniors, middle-aged, and youths, to undertake as the Prime Minister of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam. On February 16, 1991, at 12:00 am-noon, on the second day of the Vietnamese New Year of the Goat of Tân, Mr. Đào Minh Quân knelt to receive the “National treasure of Compatriots’ Vietnam True History.” The same day he pledged to obligate to be the Prime Minister of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam (PNGV). The activities took place in a solemn and declamatory ceremony publicly held at the Standing Office of PNGV in California.

Sir Đào Minh Quân is leading a peaceful and brave revolution and is trying to transform the people’s minds to move away from communism and adopt the democratic form of government. Through this scheme, his Nation will not only participate in the race of being a successful country but also be a state full of loyal patriots.

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PRESIDENT ĐÀO MINH QUÂN, OF REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM. Regain ancestral lands -End Populace Suffering


In today’s era, thinking about others’ good on a communal or national level is seldom witnessed. The lack of time, patience, resource, and efforts are factors that hinder one from working for a greater cause. Almost every person is driven by compassion to make their country the best among all, but the lack of these factors keeps them from doing so. Only true patriots keep their interests aside to think and work for the betterment of their country, and one of them Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân. 

Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân, the President of the Third Republic of Vietnam, is a powerful and courageous personality who is actively working to free Vietnam from communism. As a man of the present, Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân is quite aware of the consequences faced by a communist country and its civilians in the modern world. He has spent an adequate amount of his life living in Vietnam under the communist government and is now living in the United States of America. The sense of autonomy in all aspects of life that Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân experienced while living in America exposed him to the real essence of life. He then realized that everyone deserved to feel this way, including the people of his country. It was then that Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân decided that he must strive to provide the people of Vietnam prosperity, peace, freedom, and justice they deserved.

The Unsung Vietnamese Hero

Before moving to the States, he served in the Vietnamese military. On April 30th, 1975, Southern Vietnam was forcefully occupied by the communist. This group of communists imprisoned the entire military force of Vietnam, including Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân. He stayed in the communist prison camps for more than three years. 

In winter 1978, and commanded the ship VNKG-0602 carrying 524 people to cross the sea to Pulau Tengah, Malaysia. Soon after he escaped, he, along with his family, moved to the States. 

Moving to a new country and living in a place that is free from restrictions motivated him to do something for the people of his country. Less than a month later, after moving to California, he joined the National Vietnamese Force in Santa Ana. He led the troupe, ‘Entertainment Struggle Group,’ which his compatriots lovingly called ‘Đoàn Văn Nghệ Áo Đen’ (Black Shirt Entertainment Troupe). His associations with independent activists enabled him to have a firm grip on his goal and continue working for it.

Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân is an individual with a high intellect. Despite having a full-time career in Information Technology and being the head of several IT companies, Đào did not lose focus from his primary goal. His multipotential nature can be measured by the fact that he submitted a draft named ‘National Citizens’ Resolution.’ He composed the draft in 1989 and submitted it to Philosopher Lương Kim Định, Chairman of the National Seniors’ Council. Impressed by Grand Duke Đào’s work, the professor signed a letter of authorization for him to be in charge of ‘Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Council.’ Achieving small milestones like these kept Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân dedicated to his cause and made him work harder. 

Another one of his achievements is his efforts to release the imprisoned soldiers and stuck Vietnamese in other countries. In 1989-1990 Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân and Mr. Nguyễn Hậu, President of the General Association of Communist Political Prisoners, established Political Prisoners files. These files helped ARVN soldiers, imprisoned by the communists, to reunite with their families in the United States through the H.O program (Humanitarian Operation). Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân also advocated sponsorship programs to help Vietnamese refugees settle in the United States through the program called C.P.A. (Comprehensive Plan of Action). At the same time, he contacted and mobilized in countries such as Kuwait, Vanuatu, Ukraine, Australia, and the European Union to help Vietnamese Communist Refugees in these countries.

To be persistent and endure patience to fight Communism, he moved the Permanent Office of the PNGVN led by his leadership to the Adelanto Desert. He moved on the land of forty acres bought out of his own money. There he began self-building places to worship the Five Deity Generals, Holy Shrines, and Monuments. He constructed these places to pay tribute to heroes and martyrs, the unknown soldiers who died for their country. He also remembered the souls of the Vietnamese people who wanted to escape the communist red devils but were tragically killed on the way across the sea. 

Appreciation and Support for His Efforts

It is said that the path of the good is tough but is always fruitful in the end. Similar was the case with President Đào Minh Quân. Initially, he too faced difficulty changing the mindsets of the people, but as time passed, things became easier. People began comprehending his opinions and realized he his true cause – seeing the people of Vietnam happy

He was supported by the President of the United States Allied Commission, Mr. Barry Thaxton. He also received 2 Diplomatic Notes from former President Bill Clinton inviting cooperation in building democracy, peace, and prosperity for the world with the promise of “time will fulfill.” The Provisional Government of Ukraine also invited Grand Duke President Đào Minh Quân to give a speech at the congress of the eleven countries of the (former) Soviet Union. His daughter, Tina Dao, at ten years old, delivered a speech on behalf of Grand Duke on August 23, 1991. 

On July 5th, 2005, the U.S. Federal Congressman Gary Miller invited Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân to give a speech at the Republican Congress. He delivered the speech in front of politicians, delegates, and the congressmen of the United States. And very daringly mentioned his continued struggle to dissolve the Vietnamese Communist Party.

On October 15, 2010, Federal Representative Gary Miller and the US Former President’s Brother, Edward Nixon, honorably invited the Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân as Prime Minister of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam to claim sovereignty in the South China Sea at the Nixon Library. The cheering of the warm welcome of the entire audience, including high-ranking politicians, leaders, generals, tycoons of the United States and the world, motivated him to continue his cause.

Unthreatened by Allegations

Despite having a positive, clean, and angelic mission for Vietnam, Grand Duke Đào Minh Quân has time and again faced many media allegations. His political associations and organizations have been accused of causing disruption and disturbance in the country by the media. With every dawn came a new allegation and false news, but nothing deviated this determined individual from his cause. His focus and dedication to liberate Vietnam from chains of communisms and save it from becoming a communist hub like one of its neighboring countries have become more assertive.

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